Eman Karam ile Workshop WORKSHOP

15.11.2019 Cuma - 16.11.2019 Cumartesi
Sculpture painting and mosaic are all types of fine arts that each has its own taste and techniques. Working in one type with different techniques makes each piece of art unique and different. What about trying all these types with its techniques in one single piece of art !! Let’s gather the whole fun in one piece... In this workshop Eman is going to present how to make a colorful Italian face mask using sculpture techniques in styrofoam mixing it up with the joy of adding colors using brilliant mosaic and painting in a unique workshop of mixing the three branches of art in one. All level of participants are welcome. Conditions of participation: Participants who pay half of the workshop fee by November 8 will guarantee participation. The remaining amount must be paid before the workshop. In the event of cancellation, the total amount paid will be refunded. Eman will be happy to share information about sculpture and contemporary art and to see you to experience combined modern techniques.
  • Yaş Sınırı
  • Eğitim Ücreti
    1200 TL
  • Eğitim Süresi
    2 gün
  • Lokasyon
    Mozaik Terapi Atölyesi
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  • Eman Karam ile Workshop
    15.11.2019 Cuma
    10:00 - 16:00
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