My studio is also offering private mosaic workshops as schedule allows in a year.

"Mosaic Therapy" is a new 4-5 days mosaic workshop created by the beginning of this year offers a great opportunity to learn contemporary mosaics. With this workshop at the same time, by breaking new ground in Turkey, we allow participants to experience connections between mosaic and mindfulness through various meditation practices during mosaic making process.

First of all, all participants in this workshop will be given a training on basic principles on contemporary mosaics, techniques applied, project design, material usage, shaping and andamento of mosaic stones. In addition, during workshop all participants work on a modern mosaic project with marble/natural stones.

Mindfulness allows us to pay attention to internal and external sensations at present. It also allows to deliberately experience to bring ourselves, from our inner voice, from the thoughts that pass through our minds, to now, to the moment, through our attention, to establish a connection between ourselves and now.

With an expert psychologist on Mindfulness, we aim to keep participants' attention in the current activity, improve their ability to stay in the moment by reminding them to take away their attention from (unwanted) feelings and thoughts coming to their minds, improve their mental and sensory flexibility during this workshop. The most important key to being in the moment is senses. The art of mosaics also contains many senses inside. We hope that all participants will gain significant awareness of their five senses through the help of mindfulness techniques during mosaic works and enjoy experiencing the power of giving their attention to the moment through their senses.